"They bought a new one."

Translation:Cheannaigh siad ceann nua.

September 7, 2014


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As can be seen under the conjugation table, cheannaĆ­odar is a dialectal form, used mostly in Munster. The other two main dialects don't have synthetic forms except as responses.

September 7, 2014


That's not entirely true. They are sometimes found in Connacht, especially as echo forms and to say yes and no to questions. They are also very traditional forms. This is the first time I have seen any of the synthetic forms on here (other than where expected by CO.) I am delighted.

November 28, 2014


More dialectal forms like this could be interesting. Perhaps as a bonus section unlocked with lingots, such as the bonus sections in other courses

September 28, 2015


Yeah! I've wondered myself why irish doesn't have any of the bonus ones

November 15, 2015
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