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"We are and the men are."

Translation:Táimid agus tá na fir.

4 years ago



I expected Táimid agus tá siad na fir but I think that's just French creeping over.

4 years ago

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This language is driving me crazy ;0) I still don't understand how the verbs work in combination with other words.

1 year ago

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I'm totally with you! Tá is the verb, it goes verb-subject(-object).

"Táimid agus tá na fir". "táimid" is just "tá muid" joined up. Some dialects do this, some don't. I don't know which ones.

  • [Táimid] / agus / [tá na fir]
  • [Tá / muid] / agus / [tá / na fir]
  • [-are / we-] / and / [-are / the men-]
5 months ago


In Iraq 9l

2 months ago


Why the answer in irish does not incude "they are" but only "we are"?

3 years ago


I was expecting it to be "agus tá fir is" can someone explain why it's "agus tá na fir"? Isn't that just "and the men" or is it the equivalent of "and so are the men"?

5 months ago


To say "the men are cold" or "the men are late", you would way tá na fir fuar or tá na fir déanach. na fir is the subject of the verb .

Tá mé - "I am"
Tá tú - "You are"
Tá sé - "He is"
Tá sí - "She is"
Táimid/Tá muid - "We are"
Tá sibh - "You are"
Tá siad - "They are"
Tá Pól - "Paul is"
Tá an fear - "The man is"
Tá na fir - "The men are"

5 months ago


Same here. Except, i would say ''agus tá na fir iad'' since ''fir'' are plural. But it looks like its missing last word in correct answer. Why?

5 months ago


iad is a pronoun that means "they". It doesn't have any role to play here.

Note that there is a difference between a copular sentence (using a noun to describe another noun) and a sentence using as the verb. Pronouns do crop up in copular sentences, even though they don't have a counterpart in the English translation.

"The men are farmers" - Is feirmeoirí iad na fir
"The men are farming" - Tá na fir ag feirmeoireacht
"The men are busy" - Tá na fir gnóthach

5 months ago


Bro that was my last one and they kept giving that one to me. I got that thing wrong like 5 times in a row. I have terrible memory and i didnt sleep last night XD

2 years ago


what does this even mean in English? who's we?

5 months ago