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Thank you Duolingo

I just conquered the Italian skill tree and I now have a victory owl! (makes me think of Harry Potter, I passed my Owl!). I just wanted to say THANK YOU Duolingo I love you! Thank you for this awsome website for free, thank you for the great reactivity concerning translation suggestions. Can't wait for more languages (especially Russian) and I wish there was something I could do to help others with their learning. Duolingo is great and it's evolving too, but maybe a little bit more user interaction would make it just perfect.

May 30, 2013




Maybe I'll be helping people with Russian once the new system for adding user content for learning is released :-)


Lol I have new motivation to finish! Need to pass my OWLs!!


Congrats!!! That's quite an accomplishment. And you're definitely making us blush over here with all those kind words :) I appreciate the feedback as well. Have you tried your hand at translating?


I did try my hand at translation but haven't found it very gratifying. For example anyone can come after me and edit my translations to something else that I might think doesn't sound as good as mine in the target language. Also, sometimes I do not see why some text needs translating: being a French native speaker I figured I could help in that area and found for example a wikipedia article in French about The Lord Of The Rings. I'm sorry but there is already all I need to know in English about LOTR on wikipedia. Why on (Middle) Earth should I "waste" my time translating something obviously useless?

I understand from reading some comments on Luis' IAMA on reddit that the idea is the translation part is how Duolingo makes its living. But users can upload documents too. Do you guys get anything out of those translations?

To sum it up I'd like to translate, I really want to be a help but

a) there aren't really enough documents that have not already been translated (though I guess I could at least evaluate them) ;

b) sometimes the documents don't seem so important that they need to bee translated (such as some Italian news article about a Mac being made in the US - I'm sure there is already everything people might want to know about this in English on the Web) ;

c) people might come behind and change my translation to something I actually find less relevant and

d) I'd very much like to upload documents from the web but I'm wary about the whole copyright aspect. At last there is an

e): I would probably be happy to help with translating English documents into French (which is something I have already done for a living at one point) but I do not have this option. Some "native language" item in users' profiles should be added and these users should have access to translating documents from their native language to English.


I can't believe I didn't think of the O.W.L.s in Harry Potter! I'm such a big fan.

I just conquered French and I'm excited to start practicing my weakest words daily. I think Duolingo has been very helpful. I agree that there should be more user interaction! I wish I could message my friends.


Congrats on finishing the tree! We're working on ways to let Duo members interact more with each other. Lots in store!

[deactivated user]

    I agree, thank you to the team at duolingo, it has been well worth persevering. Even being made to repeat exercises I found mistakes with has been beneficial. I look forward to further development of it.


    Fantastic web-site. anyone having trouble with english may contact me, Bobby Grigsby US


    i feel the same way kudos :)


    Wow! Congratulations! I am also learning Italian, slow process but I'm enjoying it. Are you now able to speak Italian? And how long did it take you?


    Congratulations! I just started today, but I am so looking forward to when I can make a post like this of my own. I'm also looking forward to Russian, as it's the next language I'd like to learn!

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