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Can't understand "Immersion"

I just don't get this part of the site. What am I suppose to do? I upload a document in my language, then i translate to the one i am learning and wait for people to vote? is that it?

September 8, 2014



In the immersion section, you'll translate portions of articles from the original language to the target language. Usually, you'll read articles in the language you're learing (original) and you'll translate it to the language you know (target language). Someone will then vote your translation. In reseverse, you can also translate someone's translations if you think it's accurate.

For an example, you're taking Spanish for English tree. So when you open the immersion page, you'll read spanish articles and you'll translate them to english.


You can also upload documents. Articles from wikipedia can be uploaded free of charge. If you have to upload non-wikipedian articles, you have to pay for uploading it.


Just to add to what you said, here is a guide to the Wiki' Immersion entry. It has a great rundown of Immersion as well as how-to guides and tips for translators. I hope this helps! :)

Also, plenty of non wikipedia articles can be uploaded for free. But they can't be used for commercial purposes (to make money) and they cant be copyright protected (more clarifying info in the wiki).


Translate the documents that others upload.

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