Weird Timed Practice Bug

I recently did a time practice because I had neglected to do my streak earlier in the day and I didn't have much time. When I was on the eleventh question it said that I had a little less that an hour to finish! Just wondering what that was!

Just incase you cannot see this picture you can go to this link:


September 8, 2014


Yeah I didn't see the picture and also I knew what the glitch would be (the time is unlimited). I don't know how to fix this problem but I hope DL or someone else has a solution. Also just a side note that I was thinking of, a bit of people have the word lingot in their name. Nice to know some people came on an copied :D. I feel honored to start this trend xD.

September 8, 2014

That's weird, mine only gives me 30 secs.

October 3, 2014
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