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French sound QUALITY is HORRIBLE

September 8, 2014



Have someone fix the terrible quality of the sound


Hi, this discussion is two years old and no response ? I am just now considering to abandon my french study because it is nearly impossible to understand many of the spoken texts and so to get anything right. Very frustrating.


Audio for French "Words" with spaces, such as "il y a" is broken. Can someone fix it, s'il vous plaît?


Still not fixed??? I haven't tried it lately bc it was so annoying....


When I was young, an aged aunt gave me a French course she'd had as a young girl. It was on 78 rpm disks and the sound quality was dreadful, but not as bad as on duolingo! I wouldn't be able to understand the phrases in my own language (English), let alone in French. It's such a pity because everything else is pretty good.

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