Major flaw/bug

Recently, probably in the past week or two, I have noticed a huge problem with the iPhone app. It is happening on the exercises that require you to choose words from the bottom of the screen and arrange them to write the sentence that you're given in the source language.

On about a half dozen or more occasions now I have been marked wrong, then when the box appears showing what should be the correct translation, it contains words that are not available. In other words, there was no way to create the correct translation because the words needed were not an option.

Anyone else have this issue?

September 8, 2014


This is a known bug and is fixed in the next update which is waiting for Apple's approval. We expect the update to go live within a couple days.

While the grading ribbon shows an answer that you can't always construct from the options available, there is always a correct answer that can be made from the visible option. So, the app is not actually giving impossible questions, but it is showing the wrong solution when you get the question wrong.

Thanks for the insight, David. Always nice to hear from the admins.

Also, it's good to know that an "acceptable" answer is always there, if we look hard enough. That certainly makes it less of a game-breaking bug.

I await the next update with bated breath.

So, if there is always a correct answer that can be made from the visible option, why is it counted wrong? I don't think that's true. I'm glad that it is being fixed. I really don't think there was a correct solution possible using the words given in the example I gave above in reply to Equality7-2521.

I would disagree. Although I haven't had this problem in Spanish, I did encounter it in the Italian tree where a required definite article was missing from the available words, yet it appeared in the correct answer. Please don't ask me which lesson it was. I installed an update on 18 Sept. We'll see if it persists.

I've seen this happen to me a couple times. The first time I just let it go, figuring it was just a typo on one of the words. But it happened again recently and I looked more closely and sure enough, the neccesary word wasn't there.

I've seen several people complain about this recently, so I'm sure it's on the TODO list. Just gotta be patient and wait for the next update. Sure is annoying to encounter when you're sitting at 0 hearts though...

Side note: Calling this a "design flaw" is a little misleading, since that implies it was a conscious design choice by Duolingo not to provide us with the right answer and force us to lose a heart. It's just a "bug" :)

A "design flaw" would not necessarily be a conscious choice. In fact, I consider a flaw to be something accidental, as a flaw in a piece of glass.

I recently saw another post on this as well. I think it is worth editing your post and moving it to the Troubleshooting forum. But maybe retitle it something clearer to the point like "iPhone App bug". :)

I'm not implying it's intentional. It's a bug. And I didn't want to list it as only on the iPhone app because I don't know if it's happening on the other platforms, since I don't use the others. However, I wouldn't mind editing it if it makes it easier for others.

Yes, I've had this. I had one question which wanted the word "parents", and the correct word (genitori) was not there. The only option available was "giocatori" (players). In fact, I selected that in desperation and I'm pretty sure it marked me correct on that one.

I've had a couple of other instances as well where the word I needed was just not there, and I failed the question. Frustrating to say the least.

Yep, had it last week as well, but just once

This has been happening frequently over the last couple of weeks in both Italian and French. This is on my ipad.

YES!! Every time I play now. Frustrating!

I have been having the same problem with mine as well.

I keep losing hearts due to this. It's very frustrating

I did have that issue today. It was the Spanish lesson Present Perfect 3 of 10. The correct answer was "He leido de eso," but the "de" was not in the group of words to choose from.

Same issue on iPad...I know the correct answer but the words are not available to form a correct sentence. Looking forward to the fix!

David K, sorry, mate but you are wrong. In almost every test there is now one question where the words to the correct answer do not exist, ie an impossible question. And also in English where I put 'he is eating' I was marked wrong and told the correct answer is 'he eats'. Don't get me wrong I think Duolingo is great but I think there should be a 'report problem' button so you can iron out the problems more quickly

Yes i have had this problem so much on the German course. I (being incredibly obsessive and sad) have taken screenshots most of the times it has happened (not entirely sure why, I though it may be useful in some way). The truth is though that there aren't acceptable alternatives on most of the translations they are just straight up mistakes. Some of them are just mistakes of translation or words that you wouldn't use in conjunction with the sentence provided, but most of them are just wrong. However Duolingo is great no question.

You are not the only one! I've taken dozens of screenshots which I would be happy to send to Duolingo to help them resolve the snags if only there were a way.

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