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  5. "Esto mejora."

"Esto mejora."

Translation:This improves.

May 30, 2013



This sentence makes no sense in English. Is it really a sentence in Spanish? In English, an object would be required, i.e., this improves your performance.


Maybe you would understand better if I told you "esto mejora" = "this gets better"? ;]


Absolutely! That sentence makes sense in English. Subtle difference between "improves" and "gets better" in actual everyday usage.


Could I translate this sentence into " She improves this?"


forkid: no. there is no word there for "she". "esto" means "this" (neutral).........................oh, wait a minute...... I see what you are saying. If you reverse word order and assume you are talking about a female, that might be ok. But like so many sentences in Duolingo, we do not know the context.


Something I discovered while checking why my transcription was incorrect: "éste", "ése", and "aquél" are singular MASCULINE demonstrative pronouns, whereas "esto", "eso", and "aquello" are their respective singular NEUTER demonstrative pronouns. Furthermore, these neuter demonstrative PRONOUNS do not have a corresponding neuter demonstrative ADJECTIVE; you would have to use a GENDER-SPECIFIC demonstrative adjective. (Sources: [http://www.duolingo.com/#/skill/es/Determiners], [http://spanish.about.com/od/pronouns/a/demonstrative_pronouns.htm], [http://spanish.about.com/od/adjectives/a/demonstrative_adjectives.htm])


Is "This gets better" an accepted translation? I'm always afraid to put something in better English than the literal translation because doing so tends to lose me stars.


miongori: That should be accepted. Did you report it to Duolingo?


since "mejora" can be an imperative as well, can this mean "improve this!" too? Or would I have to change the word order?

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