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  5. "She lies down."

"She lies down."

Translation:Hun lægger sig ned.

September 8, 2014


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Is it best to say "hun ligger ned" "hun ligger sig" or "hun ligger sig ned"? Is there any difference in meaning between these?


"Hun ligger ned" means that she is already lying down, the other two sentences mean that she is getting down (on a bed for ex.) rigth now. The first describes a state, the next two an action.

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OK that is clear as far as the Danish expressions. Then I think the best translation for"Hun ligger ned" is "She is lying down." I don't hear "She lies down" much. If you want to include the word "down" it's usually in the expression "she lays down. The most natural translations of "Hun ligger ned" will be "She is lying down" or ""She is lying (on the bed)."


What about: 'she lies down for an hour every afternoon at 3'?


Not entirely true, in the last two sentences you need to use "lægger" instead of "ligger".


It is as tddk has pointed out, but one can't say "hun ligger sig/sig ned". Instead, this becomes "hun lægger sig/sig ned".



To lay is to set an object down. To lie is a person lying down


Is there a difference in between between ligger and lægger in this context?


"Ligge" means something that's already lying down. "Lægge" means you're you're laying something down.


Hun lægger sig . er også korrekt . ned er ikke nødvendigt eftersom ingen vel vil lægge sig op


The difference between "at ligge" (passive, = to lie) and "at lægge" (active, to lay) is hard to understand for many Danes as well. Many Danes are always using them wrong.


I have balloon answers to put in order for my question. I put them in order but I was told it was misspelled. And it will not accept my report.

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