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"Wij zijn burgers van Nederland."

Translation:We are citizens of the Netherlands.

September 8, 2014



'We are burgers from the Netherlands'


I typed this too without thinking and it is accepted!


Wij komen uit Febo!


Ik hoop een burger van Nederland te zijn!


To the best of my knowledge, de burgers are not necessary citizens but all the residents of the Netherlands. Upon arrival in the Netherlands for the purpose of the residence one is assigned with a BSN - burgerservicenummer, which by no means stands for a citizenship. Dictionaries tell that a citizen is een staatsburger but the official site of Naturalization refers to this subject simply as “Nederlander worden”


May be. But in my Dutch ID card, is written "burger van Rusland". And then Dutch BSN (which is burgerservicenummer, so I am also Dutch burger in that case, if I have Dutch burger number). So, it can be different meaning: Burger as resident or burger as citizen.


can we say : We are nationals of the Netherlands?

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