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Audio recognition of Dutch translated sentences is broken!

I would suggest to remove the audio recognition where you have to translate and say a Dutch sentence. It doesn't work at all.

I'm a native Dutch speaker and it recognizes the sentences where I speak a Dutch sentence from a written Dutch sentence perfectly. But when I translate, it tries to recognize English words. Even with simple sentences, like 'this is my style'/'dit is mijn stijl'... it completely botches it.

September 8, 2014



We know the voice recognition isn't perfect. I don't know exactly if it'll be improved or not, but in the meantime you can switch it off yourself by going to your settings and selecting the "off" circle next to "microphone".


I'm just curious why is it only for sentences that you have to translate and say yourself? Is it because knowing the exact sentence (during 'repeat what I say' exercises) helps the voice recognition? And I'm curious why it tries to recognize English words (words in gray as you speak).


I have never seen any speaking exercises where you also have to translate. Is that a new thing? Or maybe you are part of an A/B test group?

Edit: I just checked and I am also getting these exercises now (and it didn't work for me at all either). It must be a new thing. I would give the Duolingo team some time to fix things.

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