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  5. "Han sover om eftermiddagen."

"Han sover om eftermiddagen."

Translation:He sleeps in the afternoon.

September 8, 2014



Would Han sover på eftermiddagen mean the same thing or is it wrong? (Just comparing with Swedish where would be the more common usage)


No. På eftermiddagen doesn't work in Danish.


"om eftermiddagen" sugests that he does it often - on regular basis


Yes, I suppose that is why Swedish uses the plural after 'om'.


Interesting question, I can't answer it, but I am Swede and I say 'om' pretty often, maybe more in plural though ('om morgnarna'). Anyone know if the Danish has both alternatives?


In danish you cant say ' på eftermiddagen'


Why would you use "om" here as opposed to "i"


At a guess, it could be because he is not physically located in the afternoon, rather expressing a time. As in, the afternoon is a concept rather than a place but coming at it from English makes it feel like he should be i/på/IN the afternoon.


I sometimes think of it like "He sleeps on an afternoon" - more of a northern british expression, but it kind of fits/makes sense, and helps me remember :-)


Read the tips and notes. Never "i" in sentences like this.

Why? Well, why a lot of things. Languages are funny.


To challenge the language itself, is to invite madness!


"Han sover om eftermiddagen" = he sleeps in the afternoons (most likely an everyday thing) "Han sover i eftermiddag" = he will sleep this afternoon (today)

For instance

"Vi kan ikke mødes kl 15, han sover om eftermiddagen. Det gør han hver dag" "Det var en hård kælketur. Han sover i eftermiddag"


Hey a lot of people mention the "tips and notes" section. I'm either blind or stupid but I can't see that anywhere?! Help


They're only accessible on the website version (at least when accessed through a computer). When you click on a skill, if the skill has Tips & Notes then they are located below the list of lessons and also from within the lessons


So true. I use app. Just found out about web tips. Thank you helping os.


https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4277767 Danish collection (Overview of Threads) Though I wish they would add more to it.

Scroll down at this page with your browser for the skill set Time's Tips and Notes: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/da/Dates-and-Time


I think "he sleeps after noon" would also be appropriate.


Is om for time and i for place

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