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  5. "Cloiseann tú an madra."

"Cloiseann an madra."

Translation:You hear the dog.

September 8, 2014



The irony is in my neighboorhood all you CAN hear is dogs.


My response was "I listen to the dog" and it was marked incorrect. But in a previous exercise, I believe "cloiseann" is used to mean "listen." Can anyone offer clarity on this?


I apologize if this is covered later or is irrelevant, but how would one say they heard something doing something else? Like, if you wanted to say 'I hear the dog play'?


Suggested: I hear the dog playing: "Cloisim an madra ag imirt".


Is it possible to phrase this as a question as well like in English we use a rising intonation or does Irish grammar not allow this?


no, you'd have to add 'an' at the beginning to indicate a question is being asked, and in that case clois would be eclipsed.

it'd be 'an gcloiseann tú an madra?'


When do you use tú and when do you sibh?


tú is second person singular (you: one individual you); sibh is second person plural (you: a pair, a group, or all of you).

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