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Practicing old lessons

Hi, I like to try to complete the "mastering test" first, because it gives me a sense of what i need to learn, but then when i succeed, all the lessons that i skipped are not available. It would be good if they could be accessible.

September 3, 2012



I agree, they should be accessible. And while the guys are at it, why is it that refreshing a mastered skill does not yield any coins? Sometimes I would like to refresh a certain lesson so I dont see why there is no reward in this.


out of curiosity, i'd like to have your opinion about the approach of duolingo to encourage and motivate the user: What do you find is the best motivation for you: - getting points when you complete a task (lesson, translation..) - unlocking lessons - completing levels - competing against your duolingo friends

I thought of a different reward: they can keep track of how well or bad you fare with certain grammar rules / how well you know some words, just by counting your mistake and success. This is a good way to monitor your progress, and could be marked as point.

Another idea is about speed of progress: how many new words / grammar did you master in a week, can you keep or even increase this rate of learning? this could be encouraged.


Mmmh. The coins just work fine for me. I have little spare time to spend on duolingo so getting at least a few points each day is sufficient for me. Unlocking and mastering lessons is also a good way to indicate the progress of course. The problem I see with competing with friends is the possible (and probable) different rate in learning due to a different amount of time spent. So it's very likely to gain so much points somebody else never might catch up with, which rules it out as an effective means of motivation. As for the other approaches you mention. I guess those could help a certain kind of user (like you :) ) but not me. Speed of progress is irrelevant to me as I can't find a way to significantly boost my time on duolingo. I however don't have to rush it anyways ;) As for mistakes and successes, well, I would find it more important that the mistakes are prominently repeated during refreshing lessons. There is one other point in encouragement with respect to translations that is not yet that useful by now. That is not getting proper feedback of your translations. The respective points seem to be biased by potentially often repeated mediocre translations.

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