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"Ich werde nicht berücksichtigt."

Translation:I am not being considered.

May 31, 2013



I though "werden" meant "will" or "will be"? Why is it present tense all of a sudden? This section is very confusing to me


When followed by an infinitive, such as ‘berücksichtigen’ = “to consider”, ‘werden’ is used in German like “to go” in English to denote the future tense, as in „Ich werde es berücksichtigen.“ = “I'm going to consider it.”.

When followed by a past participle, such as ‘berücksichtigt’ = “considered”, ‘werden’ is used in German like “to get” in English to denote the dynamic passive, as in „Ich werde nicht berücksichtigt.“ = “I'm not getting considered.”. This isn't the best example, though, because in English, the dynamic passive is usually only used with verbs that involve a clear change of state, such as „Ich werde nicht nominiert.“ = “I'm not getting nominated.”. So in English, one would usually say “I'm not being considered.”, as in the given translation, using the stative passive, with “to be”.

When followed by an adjective or a noun, such as ‘alt’ = “old” or ‘Professor’ = “professor”, ‘werden’ means “to become”, as in ‘Ich werde alt.’ = “I'm becoming|getting old.”, or „Ich werde Professor.“ = “I'm becoming a professor.”.


A brief summary of AndreasWitnstein's nice explanation, for those whose brains exploded:

Werden means different things when combined with different parts of speech:

  • With an infinitive: berücksichtigen: ‘Ich werde es berücksichtigen.’ = “I'm going to consider it.”

  • With a past participle: berücksichtigt: ‘Ich werde nicht berücksichtigt.’ = “I'm not getting considered.”

  • With an adjective: alt:  ‘Ich werde alt.’ = “I'm becoming \ getting old.”,

  • With a noun: Professor: ‘Ich werde Professor’ = “I'm becoming a professor.”.


Thanks to both of you I'm beginning to understand (well I've copied the list) but eventually it will sink in. I made another list from a previous post of AndreasWitnstein it's not as complete as PatriciaJH

‘werden’ can be used for any dynamic passive tense: “X was being considered.”= ‘X wurde berücksichtigt.’; “X is being considered.”= ‘X wird berücksichtigt.’;
“X will be being considered.”=‘ X wird berücksichtigt werden.’.

‘sein’ can be used for any stative passive tense:
“X was considered.”=‘ X war berücksichtigt.’; “X is considered.”=‘ X ist berücksichtigt.’; “X will be considered.”= ‘X wird berücksichtigt sein.’.

Again many thanks to both of you for your assistance.


This explanation is awesome!! Thank you Jaye16


You're welcome. But I just passed it along from Andreas and Patricia.


This is great, thank you!

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Thanks so much to both of you


Thank you very much for that explaination- it really helped clear things up!

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That's a very good explanation AndreasWitnstein. I may need to read that carefully more than once - but for now I'm on the same path as "phle" and that is: lost. :D


It may be possible that werden in the future sense as in Ich werde essen (I'm hungry at the moment, okay?) is a contracted form of Ich werde am Essen (or whatever it was in Old German) which means "I become eating", and werden meaning "get" or "become" was the original meaning.*

  • (Ich bin am Essen has exactly the same meaning as "I am eating" as opposed to "I eat", though it is apparently not very commonly actually heard in German. Incidentally, in English the phrase was originally "I am on eating", which became "I am a-eating" – think 12 days of Christmas – and finally just "I am eating")


Does one need "being" with "considered" for a correct translation of "werde...berücksichtigt," or not?


For a habitual condition, as in “I am never considered.”, or in a narrative context, as in “First I'm sidelined, then I'm not even considered.”, the present indicative is used. Otherwise, the present progressive “I am not being considered” is used.


Well, we have no context here, so both should be allowed.


"getting" should be allowed as a synonym for "being" here: "I am not getting considered"


can, I will not be considered be also a translation of this sentence?

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