Can someone further explain the verb mancare? The examples in Verbs 2, suggest the verb means "missing".

May 31, 2013


I can try: Mancare means "to miss" or "to lack (of something)". Its usage is different from the English "to miss": it is more similar to "to be missed" in the sense that in Italian it takes the form "You are missed by me". Example "I miss you" = "(Tu) mi manchi" which literally is "You are missed by me".

Mancare can also mean "to lack of something": "I lack the words to express my sorrow" = "Mi mancano le parole per esprimere la mia tristezza".

Mancare can also mean "to pass away": "รจ mancata la zia di Giovanni" = "Giovanni's aunt just passed away".

So how do you take the past tense into consideration?

Looking at your home screen you're about 6 units away from the first unit about the past tense in Italian. (Verbs: Present Perfect).

If you want to read ahead - this explanation is pretty good:

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