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"She works with the man."

Translation:Oibríonn sí leis an bhfear.

4 years ago


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According to the eclipsis rules, it should be 'bhfear' (because of 'leis an'). Why is 'fhear' also correct?

4 years ago


For this particular rule, Ulster Irish lenites rather than eclipses.

4 years ago


Of course they do. Because lenition and eclipses aren't hard enough for me to understand lol

2 years ago


Can you guys explain the rules for dummies like me please

2 years ago


If you log into the DuoLingo website, there is a list of Tips Notes available for each "skill" - the basic rules for Eclipsis are explained there.

If you're using an app on a mobile phone or tablet, you may not be able to see these Tips & Notes in the App, you'll have to go to the website.

2 years ago

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This is the second time today I have seen "fhear". I'm on LEVEL 20 and have never seen it before. I wish they would stick with the "standard". Learning one is hard enough.

1 month ago