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"Har rummet en religiøs skildpadde?"

Translation:Does the room have a religious turtle?

September 8, 2014



If I ever get to use this sentence in real life, I will know I had lived my life to the fullest.


Didn't rummet mean 'space' (as in outer space) as well? I first believed this meant 'Does space have a religous turtle?' and just thought 'what is this, existential life questions in a language course?' :)


You are right. I never thought about this possibility consciously, but I might have thought about it subconsciously :D


No, but my street is full of forgetful peanut butter.


Danes ... The most fun people I have ever met now ...


I haven't come across the religious turtle yet, I can't wait to spot him (now I've finally learnt to spell skildpadde correctly!)


hahaha wow, just when you don't expect it, someday i hope to say this in all seriousness


The turtle is important in folklore and religion in many cultures! See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_depictions_of_turtles#In_Religion

What is unclear to me is whether the phrase "en religiøs skildpadde" refers to turtles in the sense decribed in the wiki article or if it means a turtle who itself believes in God or in some religion, or both?

Går religiøse skildpadder i kirke? Tror religiøse skildpadder på gud?


tak for svaret! og tak for lingoten!


Velbekomme means "you are welcome", or the actual meaning: "Vel bekomme", which is "become well". So it's like: "May it become you well" or something like that. Whereas "velkommen" is "welcome" in the sense of welcome to the party or similar. If you come from german then "Velbekomme" can also be "bitte" I think. Usually "velbekomme" is used when people say "tak for mad", meaning "thanks for the food", in this regard it's like "bon appetite".


Can you explain the usage of velbekomme versus velkommen?


I guess this turtle won't be an attraction at the agnostic zoo.


religiøs skildpadde åll thë waÿ døwn


Skildpadden bevæger.


How is one supposed to know that "got" should be in the sentence? The sentence reads to me like it should say, "Does the room have a religious turtle" or "Has the room a religious turtle".


You have got to explain me the meaning of this one!


Well, you are debating whether to go to a party or not. And your friend is like: "It's super rad, bro! They have this amazing space." but you're kinda suspicious, and very selective in what is rad, and currently you are under the impression that the only super rad thing in life is religious turtles. So you're like: "Well, if it is as rad as you say, then does it have a religious turtle?".


Of course! Now it makes perfect sense :)


My eyes and ears are bleeding.


Gqmera is really neat. He is filled with turtle meat. All hail, Gamara!

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