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  5. "O chocolate é negro."

"O chocolate é negro."

Translation:The chocolate is dark.

May 31, 2013

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In American English, I don't think I've ever heard any chocolate called "black." We do use the term "dark chocolate," to refer to chocolate that has a higher cacao-to-oil ratio than "milk chocolate". Is that the same type of chocolate that's being called "black" here in Portuguese?


Yeah, but where I live we say "preto", not "n.e.g.r.o"


Would it then be "Você quer chocolate preto ou chocolate leite?" for asking the candystore customer "Do you want dark chocolate or milk chocolate?"


Then we'd say: "você quer chocolate preto ou ao leite?"


oh my! :) In the States we also have a different type of chocolate altogether, that we call "white chocolate" (it's the cacao butter and the milk solids but none of the brown cacao itself). Do you guys have that kind of chocolate in Brazil too, and if so, what is it called? (thanks for the help!)


We just refer to it as white or black, then we add if we want with Brazil nut, and so on. We also use a lot "meio amargo" (half bitter - not so sweet as the others)


I usually see "Chocolate amargo" for dark chocolate, "chocolate ao leite" for milk chocolate, and "chocolate branco" for white chocolate. There is also "chocolate meio amargo" when the concentration of cacao is higher than in milk chocolate, but not as high as in dark chocolate.


But all of these, except for the white chocolate, are generalized as "chocolate preto"


Isn't "preto" black? Are they interchangeable?


I was going to ask this, thanks.


In portuguese we do not use the word "negro" to refer the color, we use the word "preto","negro" is just used to refer the color of skin. I am a native portuguese speaker.


mercado negro = black market
lista negra = blacklist
humor negro = black comedy
magia negra = black magic
peste negra = black death
ovelha negra = black sheep
nuvens negras = black clouds




On rosseta stone i was tought to say preto instead of negro


Preto and Negro work for different ideas - check the previous comments for more information.


"Dark black chocolate exist" [sic]

It exists but no one in England calls it 'black' chocolate. It is 'dark' or 'plain'.


Nobody says that... we use to say "O chocolate é 'preto'" "Negro" is normally used to refer to black skinned people However, there are some others uses of the word, like "buraco 'negro' (black hole)" e "peste 'negra' (black plague)"

Sorry if I made any misspelling


Paulenriche, você é sempre gentil e completo

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