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  5. "Each shirt is clean."

"Each shirt is clean."

Translation:Elk hemd is schoon.

September 8, 2014



why is it ëlk istead of elke here?


Elk is used for het woorden, elke for de woorden.

  • elk hemd
  • elke man
  • elk mannetje


Why not iedere hemd?


Yeah, ieder and elk seem to be interchangeable in most of the previous lessons. Can someone explain why ieder isn't applicable in this instance?


Same question again from me. Can anyone give us an answer please?


Ieder tends to be used more for humans.


Een hemd is not a shirt. Een hemd is an undergarment and has no sleeves, no collar, no cuffs and no buttons (that go all the way down, sometimes 1 for show at the neck maybe. Usually none at all)

Hemd is like a tanktop or wifebeater (horrible word).

You can not show up to work in your hemd (same goes for your bra but that word is not up for discussion here) Shirt=overhemd which for many jobs is actually required.

Thus is a hemd https://image.uniqlo.com/UQ/ST3/WesternCommon/imagesgoods/422988/item/goods_03_422988.jpg?width=380

And so is this https://www.waschbaer.nl/shop/var/triaz/data/c/0/c093551420490d9e5220e9868e28a3f4

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