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" brón orm ach an locht orm."

Translation:I am sorry but the blame is on me.

September 8, 2014



As an English speaker, I doubt I would ever say 'the blame is on me', unless some agent was specified as putting the blame on me. Perhaps 'I am to blame'.

I wrote 'it is my fault', but it was not accepted. Isn't this what the sentence means – that I am responsible? Or is the implication that I am being blamed, perhaps unfairly?


It accepted "I'm sorry but it is my fault" for me


“I’m sorry but I’m to blame” was accepted today (2016-04-17).


I can hear Demi Lovato and Luis Fonsi singin "you can put the blame on me..."


As an American English speaker, I hear "That's on me" or "the blame is on me" all the time


Do you really believe a native English speaker would say that??????? The answer should be 'I am sorry but I am to blame"


In my experience the blame is on me sounds fine, if a tad bit old-fashioned. I was born in the mddle of the last century, and am a native speaker of English from the northeastern U.S.


"I'm sorry but the fault is mine.", got rejected but I think it's just too narrow a selection of right answers.


Another direct translation! A more correct translation would be - I am sorry but I am to blame.

[deactivated user]

    That is not a "more correct" translation, it is simply an alternative.

    Unlike many of the other "direct translations" of emotions or states, such as brón or ocras, "the blame is on me" is a perfectly normal construction in English - in fact, it could be argued that the "to blame" construction is the more unusual construction in English, without any obvious parallels, whereas blame, responsibility, duty, etc can all be "on" somebody.

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