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" brón orm ach an locht orm."

Translation:I am sorry but the blame is on me.

September 8, 2014



As an English speaker, I doubt I would ever say 'the blame is on me', unless some agent was specified as putting the blame on me. Perhaps 'I am to blame'.

I wrote 'it is my fault', but it was not accepted. Isn't this what the sentence means – that I am responsible? Or is the implication that I am being blamed, perhaps unfairly?


It accepted "I'm sorry but it is my fault" for me


“I’m sorry but I’m to blame” was accepted today (2016-04-17).


I can hear Demi Lovato and Luis Fonsi singin "you can put the blame on me..."


The audio for the "type what you hear" questions is completely off. Having a pretty hard time getting through these skills now, hope this is fixed soon.


I think this is the first time I've encountered a "Type what you hear" exercise where the sound didn't match the sentence that Duolingo expected! And it's pretty hard to get that kind of question right if they give you the "wrong" audio!


There is not enough audio in the Irish course, particularly compared to the other languages, so it is particularly annoying that many of the audios are completely different to the texts.


I'm sorry but its my fault is also accepted - makes sense. What doesn't make sense is the way the sound files get all muddled in some sections - have made several reports


In my experience the blame is on me sounds fine, if a tad bit old-fashioned. I was born in the mddle of the last century, and am a native speaker of English from the northeastern U.S.


...middle, not mddle or muddle!


Ditto to that - there is a big problem with mismatch between sound files and text


"Léigh mé faoin dúnmharú sa nuachtán, agus ní raibh mé sásta" is what she says on the tape.

"I read about the murder in the newspaper, and I wasn't happy." Very charming!


"I'm sorry but the fault is mine.", got rejected but I think it's just too narrow a selection of right answers.


Do you really believe a native English speaker would say that??????? The answer should be 'I am sorry but I am to blame"

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