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  5. "Er det din?"

"Er det din?"

Translation:Is it yours?

September 8, 2014



What's the difference between "Er det dit" and "Er det din"?I received both options and both had the exact same translation accepted.


The difference is the grammatical gender of what is "yours". If the object is neuter, then it is "dit" and if it's common, it's "din"


why isn't it "Er den din", doesn't "din" imply that the grammatical gender of what is "yours" is a n-word? How could "Er det din" be grammatically correct?


So I was asked to translate "What is your?" into danish, and I put "er det dit" and it says I was wrong.

But that is one possible solution according to what you are saying. Thoughts?


"What is yours?" doesn't appear to be in the list of sentences, but "Er det dit" works on this sentence, and when I tried it just now it was accepted


Yeah sorry I meant "is it yours?" whoops. Yeah it accepted it, but it did also say to me "You are almost correct" and showed that "Er det din" as the correct one. Isn't it 100% correct though?


That sounds as though they were giving it to you although you were one letter off. You should report it if it was recent, but it might have been corrected already if it was a while ago, since other people are having it accepted.


CanĀ“t it be: Is "this" yours?


I would like to know this, too. I wrote "Is this yours" and it was marked wrong. I don't understand why. Is there anybody around who can explain it to me?


I think you're conflating det with dette, which means "this." I'm not a Dane, and I don't know if it would sound natural to write "Er dette din" -- maybe "Er det her din" would be better.

[deactivated user]

    Why it's not. Is it your?


    Grammatical english: if you don't mention what it is yours: -Is it your book? - Is it yours? (like pointing at the book)


    What's the difference between din and dines?


    "Din" goes with singular words that end with -en. "Dine" goes with plural.


    Please clarify. When translating "Is it yours"

    We are using "din" because "it" is an n-word or because "yours" is an n-word?


    The translation implies that "it" (whatever the thing is that the question is asking about) is an n-word. If the thing was a t-word, one would ask: "Er det dit?"

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