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Irish not on app?

For some reason I can only practise Irish when I use the website but when I use the app version it isn't in my courses nor can I select it as a course? Please help:(

September 8, 2014



New languages are added on the app through periodical updates. So far the 3 new languages (Irish, Danish and Dutch) haven't been added, but surely there will be an update soon.


It's been said that Irish won't be released on the app until it's been in beta for a while—there are bugs being ironed out still, and you'd assume it's better to have that sorted before putting it on the app.


What I'm hanging out for is the update so that the app won't crash if you were last learning Irish on the computer!


And it's here:-) You can now do Dutch on the app, but more importantly, if I'm doing Irish on the computer, it won't crash the app the next time I open it:-)

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