"An ea?"

Translation:Is it?

September 8, 2014



I believe ea is the neuter form of it, no longer used except in this phrase.


Yes indeed, it was the neuter pronoun corresponding to é and í.


You mean it no longer is?


Except in this particular phrase, we don't have a neuter pronoun any more.


Sorry. Should have gotten that.


It is used in a few others as well i think; "ba ea é"


So in terms of meaning and grammar, this would be somewhat equivalent to the colloquial 'that so?' in English?


my thought was that it sounded a bit like "oh, yea?" so hopefully that'll make it easier to remember XD


Does this "an" have anything to do with the definite article "an", or are they just homophones?


Homophones :) "An" is used to form questions in the present, future and conditional tense in Irish (as well as in the past tense of most irregular verbs). For instance: An itheann tú? - Do you eat?


Please, what is "ea"? I mean, what does it mean literally?


Think of it as being a variant of is that's only used in combination with certain structures. So an ea? means "an" + "is", except that "an is" is impossible - you have to say an ea?.

It's similar to how you say tá sé for "he is", but an bhfuil sé for "is he?": The changes to bhfuil there and you just have to learn it. In the same way, is changes to ea after an.


Good to know. I was looking at the translation for this and thinking that it's pretty poor, seeing as we know that there are two ways to express the verb to be in Irish. It really ought to be explained whether this is "Is it" as in is or "Is it" as in .

I guess that's what the discussion is for ...


It's a neutral pronoun used in certain cases with the copula.


Is this a regional thing? Growing up, I only heard "nach ea?"


Both are OK and mean roughly the same thing. Instead of "it is?" you would be saying "isn't it?". The positive response would still be "s'ea", it is.


Wouldn't that be "is that not so?"


can someone shed a little light on pronunciation for this? i'm always hesitant to trust duolingo's pronunciations and usually check new words with forvo, but i'm getting two different sounds. "ea" on forvo by itself sounds like how duolingo has presented it, but "an ea" on forvo has more of a "anyea" sound, as if the e is slenderizing the n. can anyone give me the proper pronunciation?


Forvo is just a website where any random person can upload a sound file - there's no reason why anyone should be mischievous and upload misleading sounds, but there's no guarantee that they're any good either.

There's no indication where in Ireland Siobhan7 is from - maybe that's a reasonable pronunciation where she's from, but it won't be normal everywhere - "slenderization" doesn't occur across word boundaries. The Duolingo pronunciation is the way I would say it.

Teanglann.ie doesn't have pronunciation for an ea, but they do for ní hea.


I found it impossible as a learner to understand her pronunciation, a slow pronunciation option is badly needed


Would it also be acceptble to translate as "is it?"


I just did that, and it accepted...


same "is it?" works for me too


Don't get all mad at me!


I just imagine her looking over her shoulder with an aloof expression.


Is "oh yeah" derived from this? Listen to it; it's very similar!


No, that’s not its derivation.


Would "Is this so?" also be acceptable? (Like "Is that so?"). Just wanted to check here before suggesting it as alternative, when I come across that again.


"an ea?" = "is it?" "is ea." = "it is"

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