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"Ik sport twee of drie keer per week in een sportschool."

Translation:I work out in a gym two or three times a week.

September 8, 2014



Sportschool. This is the best word in the history of words for gym.


The word "gym" (with a hard "g") also exists in Dutch, but only as a short for "gymnastiek" (gymnastics ). It often refers to physical education at school. A "gymzaal" (gym hall ) is the word used for a school gym.


I've talked with a Dutch-speaking Belgian friend and he didn't agree to use them, referring to a gym when you want to practice fitness. Then he suggested fitnesscentrum. He also recommended me to use the verb fitness maken or fitnessen in place of sporten.

What do you think about his opinion?


That is probably a regional preference. "Fitnesscentrum" and "fitnessen" would definitely be understood in all of the Netherlands, but they are not the preferred terms (in the area around Amsterdam, at least). "Fitness maken" sounds very Flemish to me and might raise some eyebrows here.


This is just me wondering, will the difference be similar as "work out" and "sport"? Because normally work out refers to exercise with weights and stuff, but sport is more general, for example basketball, football etc.


Indeed, in Belgium the correct term is simply fitness instead of gym, or the verb fitnessen as you both Gusbemacbe and Simius pointed out


"I train two or three times per week in a gym" was not accepted. It really should be. In English, "work out, exercise, train" are all synonymous, especially when used in this context. I'm reporting this just in case, but if I am indeed wrong, please correct me. :)


what is wrong with "i exercise two or three times a week" it was marked wrong


I wonder why the "I train twice or three times a week in a gym" is rejected. Any ideas?


The translation proposes "work out" or "exercise", but "sporten" can mean any sport. I'm not sure though if English has a verb for that. Is it possible "to sport"?


Despite using dutch i was told i was using English and couldn't advance


I used "do sports" & was rejected - the rest aligned with the given answer.


I exercise two or three times a week at a gym was rejected. Work out or exercise is the same in English.


Duo's list of English equivalent translations is long, but far short of complete. I find that it is sometimes necessary to write down the owl's accepected English translation so that I can parrot it back to the bird verbatim.


i work out two or three times a week at the gym was rejected. Why?


The owl is fussing about "the gym", when it wanted "a gym" for "een sportschool".

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Was marked wrong for "at a gym", which is better. Of course you are in a gym when you are at a gym. "At" is used to indicate a place you go to. I work out at a gym. When I get there I exercise in the gym. "At" says you go to a particular gym, or a chain of gyms. Another example: I eat at McDonalds. Not I eat in McDonalds.

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