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  5. "Brødet er ikke menneskeligt."

"Brødet er ikke menneskeligt."

Translation:The bread is not human.

September 9, 2014



Does this need to be clarified often in Denmark?


I just want to make sure I understand this properly. Because menneskeligt is not between the definite article and the noun it is declined -t, but it if it were moved to be between the definite and noun (as in: the human bread), it would be declined as menneskelige (det menneskelige brød). So even though in both causes the noun is definite, the declining of the adjective is somewhat dependent on its location in the sentence, right?


Not quite. This is kind of complicated to explain, but usually, the adjective (describing a noun) is always declined as 'menneskelige' (for example), with the -e. As an adverb (describing the verb), however, it is different, it uses the same gender and number as the noun. The indefinite adjective is different somehow, it also uses the form depending on the noun, but with 'den/det/de' and 'min/din/sin/Sørens' etc it is declined with the -e. I hope that made sense! (Also an example of the difference between adjective and adverb: 'Det menneskelige brød er ikke' - 'The human bread is not' - there it is used as an adjective. 'Brødet er ikke menneskelig' - 'The bread is not human' - adverb.)


This makes so much sense. Tak!


I don't think what you say is accurate, is it? Brød has et as its article. If an adjective goes before or after brød with et, it would have the -t: et brunt brød, brødet er brunt. But, like all nouns, with det before brød, you add an -e: det brune brød.


Quite so. You've got it absolutely right. Du har rigtig ret.


As a theology student, I am probably reading far, far too much into this one.


Hoc non est enim corpus meum. :-)


Someone can help me where to use Just menneskelig , menneskeligt , menneskelige ?? With examples please


"Jeg har brug for menneskelig kontakt" - "I need human contact". "Det er menneskeligt at fejle" - "Errare humanum est" (sorry, I had to!) - "It is human to error". :-) "Vildet virker næsten menneskelige i deres adfærd" - "The wild game seems almost human (in behaviour)". I hope it helps.

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