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  5. "Bailíonn tú an bia."

"Bailíonn an bia."

Translation:You collect the food.

September 9, 2014



Would you use this colloquially in Irish to mean something like 'you get the food together' as in 'get the food together and lay the table'?


Yes, as it means 'to gather' as well. You could use to mean something along the lines of 'collect pre-ordered food from the take-away'.


I wrote "You pick up the food" and was corrected. In English "to pick up" is a phrasal verb with several meanings, one of which means "to collect".


Is there a rule for which verbs end "eann" like itheann and which end "ionn" like this?


You might find it worth while to get a grammar book, or something like the Collins "Easy Learning Irish Verbs". Irish verbs are grouped into two categories ("conjugations") which are divided between those that form their present tense with (e)ann (first conjugation) and those that use (a)íonn (second conjugation). Most first conjugation verbs have a base form ("root") of one syllable, like ith (eat) or fan (wait) which give itheann and fanann respectively. Some first conjugation verbs have a root of more than one syllable. You just have to learn those. All second conjugation verbs have a root of two or more syllables, like dúisigh (waken) or codail (sleep) which yield dúisíonn and codlaíonn respectively. As you may already know, the bracketed (a) and (e) in both categories is a spelling "fix" to match with the broad or slender vowel in the preceding syllable.


I don't understand why this couldn't be "gather" the food.


Looks like they fixed it


I put this exact sentence in but was told it was wrong


Collect and fetch mean the same thing.


And yet neither de Bhaldraithe's English Irish Dictionary or the New English Irish Dictionary use the verb bailigh in their translations of "fetch".


This is an English language issue. "Fetch" is a synonym for "collect". See #3 example in Concise Oxford Thesaurus https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/thesaurus/collect


Why not an mbia


Eclipsis and lenition have to be caused by something. There is nothing to cause eclipsis in Bailíonn tú an bia.

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