"You go ahead alone."

Translation:Tu vai avanti da solo.

May 31, 2013



Why can’t i use "Vai davanti a solo"

November 26, 2014


If I am telling a group to go ahead on their own I would use andate avanti da soli. I understood that was the form of the sentence needed.

August 7, 2013


C'è una differenza tra 'tu vai avanti da sola' e 'Voi andate avanti da sole'?

May 31, 2013


Quando le traduci non c'è la differenza (When you translate them there is no difference). Etrambi sono "You go ahead alone" .

May 31, 2013


Allora perche è tratto come un errore?

July 14, 2013


Non so, credo che tutte queste combinazioni sono corrette:

  • (Tu) vai avanti da solo/a.
  • (Voi) andate avanti da soli/e
  • (Lei) va avanti da solo/a. (formal you)
August 7, 2013


Why "andate avante solo" is not correct??

March 10, 2014


"avante" is an alternative form of the adverb "avanti" so it should be correct, but I assume it isn't commonly used.

April 4, 2014


Because then it would andate avanti (or avante) sole not solo since it's a group of women being told to go ahead. They've been using avanti for singular and plural here so expecting that. Even if avante is right solo wouldn't have been.

June 2, 2014


Can't I use "Va avanti" because it's a command?

May 23, 2016


This could also be done as a command: "Vada avantu da solo."

May 10, 2019


"you go ahead" gives no indication of gender that I can see, so I used "soli" which should apply to a group of men, or men and women, but I do not see why "sole" was the correct plural answer. How would we know it was referring to women? And "solo" was the choice for the singular answer.

July 5, 2014
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