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Does "Practice All Skills" lead to gold?

I'm really working on learning French, but Spanish is a learned language for me, so I completed the tree by testing out of everything. Now, as time goes by, the skills deteriorate, and there's no way to maintain their gold status by testing out again. Do I have to go to every single skill that's deteriorating and do the practices there to return to gold? Or can I just keep using the "Practice All Skills"? Will that eventually renew the gold color for the skills that I cover in the practice sessions?

May 31, 2013



"Practice All Skills" gets you to practice your weakest words (according to our estimates). So with practice you will eventually get everything back to gold.

However, your weakest individual words might not belong to your weakest overall skills. So, "Practice All Skills" doesn't always give you words from your non-gold skills. If that's what you want, then you can also go to the skill page and choose "Practice Skill."

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