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  5. "Du trinkst Wein."

"Du trinkst Wein."

Translation:You drink wine.

May 31, 2013



So what's the difference between 'Trinkt' and 'Trinkst'? I'm guessing they're not interchangable.


Conjugation. In English most verbs only get a -s in the third person (I walk, he walks), but German has a lot more of that.

trinken — to drink
ich trinke — I drink
du trinkst — you drink
er trinkt — he drinks
wir trinken — we drink
ihr trinkt — you (plural) drink
sie trinken — they drink


Ihr trinkt und du trinkst


'Trinkt' and 'trinkst' are in different persons. I don't really good remember but I think 'trinkst' you use when you sey 'du' but 'trinkt'- when using er/sie/es or ihr. I don't remember, sorry.


Sorry but is Wein pronounced as vine?


They label me wrong for a minor typo of "wien" and "wein"


a minor typo of "wien" and "wein"

Wien and Wein are both capitalised, and they are completely different words in German -- Wien is a city (the capital of Austria) and Wein is a drink made from grapes.

They're as different as "cone" and "cane" in English.

If your typo results in something that is a real word, it will get marked wrong, the same as if you had deliberately used the wrong word -- because Duo can't tell the difference.

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