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  5. "The children felt the box."

"The children felt the box."

Translation:Børnene mærkede på kassen.

September 9, 2014



If you omit "på", what does "Børnene mærkede kassen." mean?

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I think (please correct me if I’m wrong) that “mærke” by itself means to kind of passively feel something that is not an emotion (as that would be føle), e.g. He felt the heat from the radiator - han mærkede radiators varme. Also in the meaning of “notice something”. “Mærke på” is actively feeling something or for something with your hands. “Med fingerspidserne mærkede han på bulen i panden.“ (copied from Google and Henning Mankell)

“Børnene mærkede kassen” - “The children noticed the box”


It would be like sensing the box's presence and no touching to the box occurred. 'mærke + på' is used when someone feels someone's/something's presence by touching it.

I got the information from DDO. Look at line says "GRAMMATIC" at 4th meaning of the word here: http://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?select=m%C3%A6rke,2&query=m%C3%A6rke


I'm no danish genius but i think that "mærke" is like "mark" in English: (being able to) distinguish/discern be it with your mind when you touch or when you label something in the real world


I believe it is when you touch something in order to feel its texture. That is why it certainly cannot be used when talking about emotions or feelings.


I'm very surprised that Duo didn't use the verb 'to touch' that they've so often used in lessons & exercises: "(at) rører."

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When I used Google translate, it said that mærkede meant labeled... so now I'm confused.


So am I, zanebl! Does the sentence mean they labelled it or they put their hands on it?

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