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  5. "Du talte med min søster."

"Du talte med min søster."

Translation:You spoke with my sister.

September 9, 2014



Is there a difference in Danish between Snakke and Tale, as there is in English between Speak and Talk. ("You spoke to/with my sister" could be a conversation or could have a meaning of having a serious word or even telling her off if she is a child, whereas "you talked to/with my sister" is more neutral and would usually just be referring to a conversation)


I would like to know that too.


I think this also translates to "You talked to my sister."


You're right, it does. Though technically that would more aptly be written as 'du snakkede med/til min søster'


I know its not a big deal, but in this particular context 'was speaking' as a translation for talte isn't ideal. Since du is singular it would be 'were speaking' instead. Have reported it, but was unable to say why I did - hence the comment.


The audio is wrong. Talte is not pronunced correctly in Danish

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