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"Itheann siad oráiste agus úll."

Translation:They eat an orange and an apple.

September 9, 2014



I'm not sure my translation is all that incorrect... I would thing "They eat orange and apple" should be considered to be a valid translation without the indefinite article. The indefinite article is weakly implied in the gaeilge, but I would have thought the interpretation should be valid without it. Is the article strongly implied?


I wouldn't have thought "they eat orange and apple" was particularly common Engilsh. It's certainly not the way I'd expect to hear it in Australia.


Nor in the States — fruit flesh wouldn’t be spoken of in the same way that animal flesh would, e.g. “They eat chicken and beef” — but larryone’s answer could be a grammatical response to a question like “Which jelly bean flavours do the children eat?”


Ah, of course:-) I hadn't thought about that take:-)


Same, when there is no context, i get messed up :)

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