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"Er zijn veel asteroïden in het zonnestelsel."

Translation:There are many asteroids in the solar system.

September 9, 2014



I love that the Dutch nature skill has a lot of astronomy terminology. Bedankt! :-)

[deactivated user]

    I'm suspecting that's cause Kuiper was Dutch


    I knew the word "systeem" for system. Are "systeem" and "stelsel" synonyms?


    is there any difference between i and ï? is the latter pronounced as ji?


    No, the Dutch "trema" (two dots over a vowel) does not indicate a shift in the sound of the vowel, like it does with the German umlaut. Instead, it is a diaeresis: it separates the "o" from the "i" in the pronunciation. You can hear it in this sentence, as-ter-o-i-den, five syllables. Without the dots on the ï, the diphthong "oi" would be pronounced as in the common greeting "hoi". Some more examples:

    • Zeeën (pronounced "zay-en") - Seas
    • Coöperatie ("Co-op-uh-rah-tsy") - Cooperative
    • Diëresis ("Di-er-e-sis") - Diaeresis (i.e., this phenomenon!)


    A shame that the spelling for zoëven has changed to zo-even. It used to be my favourite one. :)

    • zoeven = moving fast (if somebody passes you it makes the sound zoef, e.g. Roadrunner at full speed, or a car driving the folds out of your trousers if you stand next to the road) ;)
    • zo-even = just (a minute ago)


    It occurs in a couple English words too, such as 'naïve' and 'noël.'

    I've seen older works that used a trema when co- was attached to a word beginning with a vowel (e.g. coöperate and coïncide), but nowadays it's hyphenated, if it's marked at all.


    The " on a letter is used to distinguish a diphtong and two seperate sounds (in Dutch). So, unlike an Umlaut, there is not a change in the pronunciation. So 'ï' is pronounced as an 'i'.


    is the pronounciation of the word zonnestelsel with its double accent correct ? The tts software says zónnestelsèl


    The pronunciation is completely off. Try google translate


    I hear ZOnneSTElsel.


    Why here zonnestelsel has no capital?


    In Dutch zon, maan and aarde are not capitalised. So in line with that it doesn't make sense to use a capital letter for zonnestelsel.

    Also according to Van Dale, zonnestelsel can refer to any planetary system. If you follow that definition it's not even clear what system is meant (just a noun, non a proper noun).


    That's what I thought! Then, in another sentence, that I reported, there is an error. It says Zonnestelsel! :)


    Why is "There are a lot of asteroids in the solar system" not accepted?

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