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  5. "The dog is eating him."

"The dog is eating him."

Translation:Hunden spiser ham.

September 9, 2014



Beware of the Danish dogs! :-)


I don't know why everybody is freaking out.. I've seen a lot of dogs eating ham.. Hahaaaa... First Dansk word joke!


This is very hilarious and disturbing unit. They have her, the dog eats him. I hope I never have to say these in English let alone Danish.


No wonder Hamlet it crazy! The bears already eat you now the dogs are eating you! Not only that, the dogs, bears, and spiders are drunk and the ducks are reading the newspapers!


I guess Denmark is crazier than pictures ive seen of animals in Australia


Hundene spiser Mason Verger ;)


I'm surprised no one (apart from you, kudos) brought this reference anywhere here (well, at least I haven't seen it yet), especially with Mads Mikkelsen being Danish (and I reckon this is probably the third+ time I mention him).


Ramsay Bolton ? Yes


In Danish, animals don't eat (spiser), they "feed" or some non-human way of eating. To be correct the translation is "hunden æder ham". I knew it would likely be marked wrong, but I wanted to see if Duo really knew...and they didn't.


This is good to know.


No, this sentence was probably spoken by a tourist! The dog is eating ham! The tourist just didn't know how to say skinke in Danish, so you can all rest easy. Just kidding of course but the image may let you sleep better.


In all consideration, how? Assuming that this is an alive human child, for only a child would be small enough to be eaten (not including pets that could be classified as ‘him’), there would be difficulties with stretching muscles around the jaw, issues with the child moving, not to mention insufficient digestive juices. Alternatively, we could assume that the human or animal is no longer alive, but this would be an unpleasant question for Duolingo to ask, so it is unlikely. What time of dog is it? A small dog is out of the question, but canine size should be taken into consideration, given the context. A small dog would have the wrong jaw size. At this point I should stop, as this is becoming increasingly unpleasant. Have a good day.


I love how once in a while Duo gives us enough material (food for thought) that we turn this section into our own TED Talks, lol! And all the jokes and references in this specific course are much appreciated. :')


Bizarre comments


This is going to be my ultimate fate.


But is it a cat on your profile picture, DrJohnHouse? That makes me wonder about an alternative version of/for your fate!


Now the question is: Who is "him"? :')

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