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" madra, cat agus coinín agam."

Translation:I have a dog, a cat and a rabbit.

September 9, 2014



... and i need to get the four of us across a river, but my only means of crossing is a raft that is just big enough for me to carry one animal at a time. if left unattended, the cat will kill the rabbit, and the dog will kill the cat and/or the rabbit; however, as long as i am with the animals, i can prevent the dog and the cat from attacking ...


I feel like this sentence isn't going to end well for the three animals. :P


I misspelled "cat" as "cot" and the system accepted it without even saying it was a 'typo'. This mistake has happened to me repeatedly, where a misspelling is accepted without it even being stated to be a 'typo'.

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