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"My grandmother has some beautiful teacups in her house."

Translation:Min bedstemor har nogle smukke tekopper i sit hus.

September 9, 2014



Why is it “sit hjem“ and not “hendes hjem“


If the owner of an object in the sentence is the same as the subject, you use the reflexive possessive form sin/sit/sine, if that subject is a 3rd-person singular.

Umm, an example:

  • Min bedstemor er i sit værelse. - My grandmother is in her (own) room.
  • Min bedstemor er i hendes værelse. - My grandmother is in her (someone else who I've mentioned sometime before) room.


Er "pæne tekopper" ok?


Det ville også være godt, men jeg ville oversætte "pæn" som "pretty".

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