Implementing category tags for Immersion? Attention: fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror

I'm a fan of science fiction. In the past, I was the editor of a fanzine reviewing genre fiction from around the world:, and also briefly wrote for the World SF Blog

One of my inspirations when I founded the Portal was to encourage translation of works from around the world into English–and the use of English as a bridge-language. English is well-suited for that purpose because it is studied so widely, and it could make it easier to get work published in Thai into German or Hungarian into Japanese.

In recent years, people in the community for a variety of backgrounds have discussed ways to respond to English-language science fiction's domination of the fiction world. English-language authors are translated into other languages at a rate far higher than science fiction from other languages is translated into English. The problem is that the English-speaking world is a bit of a cultural bubble, and magazine and book editors generally do not read in other languages and are unwilling to sponsor translations. Some progress has been made, but it is difficult. It is also complicated by the limited vision of genre fiction present in many English-speaking markets, which divide works artificially into categories based on their motifs, and encourage publication of unimaginative work for the purposes of market bracketing.

So if you don't have money, what do you need to fall back on? Community, and passion.

Are there other genre fiction fans out there who would be interested in trying to make translation of short genre fiction from multiple languages into English a reality?

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September 9, 2014


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