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Danish Films - List of recommended titles

--- This post is under construction. Danish titles coming soon! Would you rather watch a series? Click here to view the list of recommended tv-shows! ---

Films in the danish language:

Titles I've watched:
Titles recommended by other DL users (see comments):

Films not in the danish language but related to Denmark (director, cast, location, production):

Titles I've watched:
Titles recommended by other DL users (see comments):
September 9, 2014



I would add:

  • "Nattevagten" (1994): The break trough movie for Nikolaj Coster Waldau (Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones)

  • "Blinkende lygter" (2000) with Mads Mikkelsen.

All of Susanne Bier's movies (see http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0081540/?ref_=nv_sr_1 ) since they capture the special Danish humor very well, but especially:

  • "En chance til" (2014)
  • "Efter brylluppet" (2006)
  • "Den eneste ene" (1999)


Thank you, will add them shortly :) Have you already watched "En Chance Til" ? Really looking forward to that one, but I thought it wasn't out yet ...


Well, I was lucky enough to be invited to the last screening before the final refinement of the movie. So yes, I've seen it (and can definitely recommend it), but I think you might be right that it's not out yet.


I have a recommendation, although it isn't a movie!

Myself and a few friends have had lots of fun watching the TV series "Rejseholdet" (English title: "Unit One"). It is a Danish crime drama series from the early 2000s. Strong, interesting characters and a bit addicting to watch. It is 4 seasons (I'm only on the 2nd) and I think listening to it has really helped me understand some of the Danish pronunciation better. Plus, it is really fun when I understand something! :D (I was going to mention it had Mads Mikkelsen but since it is a Danish production...that seems like it would almost go without saying XD)

I would also like to second "Jagten/The Hunt." Amazing movie.


Where did you find Rejseholdet? Or do you have the DVD? I have been wanting to see it, but all I have found is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srO8w9ugwck


I have recently seen it aired on http://www.mhznetworks.org in the US. If you don't get this channel it is possible to stream all their programs online. The show international mystery series each evening, including a lot from Sweden, France, Italy and some from Denmark, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. For some series they have the right to show episodes on demand for one week after airing. I have checked their schedule and no Danish programs in the next month but I expect others will come in the future including perhaps a repeat of Rejseholdet. Also the English title was "Unit One."


Haha I don't even have a TV, so I def don't have that challenge, but please keep us posted on any Danish stuff they have streaming. Tak! :)


Will try to post in TV thread. But I recommend all the Swedish programs there too.


I hate to admit it...but the only way I was able to find it was by torrenting it. If the DVDs were available in my region, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I think amazon.co.uk has the DVDs...but they aren't playable in my region.


Yeah I plan on buying it from Amazon eventually and getting a multi-regioinal DVD player (since I plan on buying other films of his as well)...but I can't afford it right this minute.


You can also get an external dvd drive for your computer and set the region code on it to region two.


mange tak Jax :) The TV-shows thread is finally up, & "Unit one" is now added! Sounds interesting by the way, so I'm also adding it to my watchlist ;)


Excellent! It is really a great show! :D


Have it and the other Mads films listed...Been learning from them especially the pronunciations....some are easy, some are kinda hard....


I would also recommend watching A Royal Affair; I have been watching it over the past two nights on Netflix. Netflix seems to have a few Danish languages movies available for streaming right now, including a film about some members of the Danish resistance in World War II called Flame and Citron. If I remember correctly, a few other Mads Mikkelsen films are available on the service, including The Hunt.


I second the suggestion of:

  • Efter brylluppet
  • En kongelige affære

And would like to suggest you these ones as well (esp. the second):


Adding this post to the Danish Collection sticky post! :D


good idea, mange tak! :D


Anklaget, especially for the fans of Sarah Lund

Kapringen, from the makers of Borgen.


Adam Äpfel ist toll !


It is great, indeed! :D


"Jagten" or "The Hunt" is very, very serious, but deeply philosophical.


What about series like Borgen ? this is the very reason I am learning Danish now :) (and I bought the whole series asap ^^)


I'm going to make a twin-thread for TV series ;) Borgen is a certainly a must, I for one loved it :)


I love Dicte, maybe because it takes place in Aarhus, where I lived 3 different times and got to know well, and I've read a number of the novels by Elsebeth Egholm it's based on.


Great post! Thank you for listing these. :)


Tak, sir! hope it'll be useful for everyone :)


Open Hearts; Pusher II; Flame and Citron; Torremolinos; Shake it all About; Prague; The Green Butchers; Men and Chicken (coming out in 2015)

(Haha yes, all Mads Mikkelsen films; sad to say the only one I have seen on this list is Open Hearts...I have some on my Netflix queue, but haven't been able to find the others).


I would like to suggest Broen (TV Series Danish+Sweedish)


It's one of my all-time favorites, but I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner language student, because they keep switching back-and-forth between Danish and Swedish, so it might get confusing... but if you're more advanced and/or looking for a show with great characters and an intricate story, then I would definitely recommend the series!


The series 1864 can be considered a back story on how Denmark became the country they are today. But be warned, many of the battle scenes are for those 17 and over. My G-Grandfather would have heard and seen this war as a 15 year old.


Too bad all of Lars Van Trier's movies are in English.


"Idioterne" and "Direktøren for det hele" by Lars von Trier are in Danish


I saw some of his shorts he did as a kid recently that had no sound. They were creepy and cool. That's how I learned "Slut" meant "the end" in Danish. I was like ... wait did LVT just call us all sluts? :0 I'll check out those movies - thanks!


Haha that's how I learned about "slut" as well... I'm pretty sure it was a silent film, must've been Swedish though... probably Sjöström's "The phantom carriage".


Watch the miniseries Riget and Riget II by Von Trier. It had an American remake called Kingdom Hospital.


I suggest En Kort En Lang!


"Under Sandet" (2015) and "9.April"(2015) are also very good :)


Mange tak! :)

(by the way, for those interested in Cinema and who might not use it yet, I suggest Letterboxd for keeping track of any films you might want to watch/have watched, as well as to discover some gems)

P.S Mads Mikkelsen = ❤️

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