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"Han skriver i en personlig bog."

Translation:He writes in a personal book.

September 9, 2014



Diary is dagbog - day book literally (the same as the German 'Tagebuch'). Personlig bog may refer to something like a photo album, or literally just a book that a person owns, that is not shared.


This is a diary or journal?


Might one describe this as a diary or does diary have a word of it's own?


doesn't 'i' = both 'YOU'(plural, like 'vous' in french) ? as well as the word 'IN' ? So could the sentence 'Han skriver i en personlig bog' either mean : 'He writes YOU a personal book' or 'He writes IN a personal book(diary)' ?


I = you as the subject of a sentence. Here "Han" is the subject. Also, I believe "I" is always capitalized when it is "you".


is "personlig bog" a thing within the language?


Sitting next to my Danish wife, she says this phrase would never be used.. ..

[deactivated user]

    What is the difference between this sentence and, e.g., "He writes (plural you) a personal book"?


    I suppose it should be "jer" instead of "i".


    Wouldnt it be "personligt"? Because what is being described is the book not the person.


    bog is an 'en' word and is singular (plural would have an -e ending), so it wouldn't have the t at the end. . . The grammar is right, my problem is that no one in Denmark has ever uttered this sentence.

    en personlig bog to personlige bøger

    I do not know of a situation where there would be a T in regards to a book.


    Can one say "writes INTO a book"?

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