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No English to language translations?

This could be an A/B test or a bug, but there seem to be no English to language sentences in German skills (I have only noticed this on German, which I'm focusing on at the moment). I do, however, get it when practicing the skills. Does anyone else have this issue, in German or otherwise?

Edit: seems to have been fixed. Thanks, Duo team! :)

September 9, 2014



I just posted about this I think. For me, when I use microphone, the English translation is not provided afterwards. Is this what you mean? Also german for me.


No, sadly: this is me not getting any "translate this English sentence to language x" sentences.


I've noticed this also. I think it's true on the German more than the French version. It may have been fixed on the computer version, but not on the iPad version, as I noticed it again this morning.


I did notice that there were almost no English->German questions in two or three latest skills I did. Just presumed that this was specific to those particular skills. However, there were like at least one English->German question in the last skill I did (Abstract objects).

I didn't really pay attention to this, as also earlier there has only been like three or four English->German questions when doing the lessons for the first time. They become much more frequent when strengthening the skill later, which also increases the difficulty. Seems quite fine to me as long as one really does restrengthen the free diligently after the first pass.

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