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Any tricks for remembering how to decline properly?

I have studied mostly Romance languages and am having a lot of fun with Danish, but I get kind of mixed up with the declensions, particularly adjectives. Any one have any tricks to remember how to do them better?

September 9, 2014



Adjectives are really straighforward in Danish and can essentially be simplified to adding nothing to the adjective if the noun it's modifying is common, -t if it's neuter and -e if it's plural:

  • en stor bil
  • et stort hus
  • to store biler/huse

If you're using the definite or possessive form, then it's even easier; just add -e:

  • den/min store bil
  • det/mit store hus
  • de/mine store biler/huse

The 'Tips Notes' section in the 'Colours' skill and the 'Adjectives 1' have much better and more comprehensive explanations, if you've reached that far, but that's basically it. There are a few exceptions and special cases, but most adjectives will stick to that formula. :)


Thanks this was helpful for me when I did my lesson this morning. I think where I'm mostly tripping up is even knowing when to decline them at all if that makes sense. I think my brain is saying "don't decline - it's fine as it is" and then it feels off. Anyway, this is a great way to look at it. Thanks again.


Don't drill declension tables. Doesn't work. Just practice by using the different declensions in their natural environment (the sentence). After a decent amount of practice, it starts to come naturally.


Yes, I've done the tables in other languages and they are mostly a waste of time. Familiarizing yourself with the structure becomes innate and second nature.

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