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  5. "An bhfuil torthaí romhaibh?"

"An bhfuil torthaí romhaibh?"

Translation:Are there fruits in front of you?

September 9, 2014


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Is not "fruit" also plural?


It's probably referring to different types of fruit.


I presume you are being ironic. Let me be less ironic; there are 7 types of fruit in front of you. Not fruits. Although, everyone would understand you and few would be annoyed. I would be. But much more so with fishes. Fish people, fish! That's the plural.


In English fruit is both singular and plural so is there fruit in front of you should be accepted as a legitimate translation


Isn't "Are fruits before ye" also correct ?


Is "fruits" a more common use of torthaí than "results", or is Duolingo just getting us used to the literal meaning first?


I'm far more likely to use the word "fruit" in my daily life than the word "result". On the other hand, someone who is interested in football might be far more likely to talk about the results of various games at the weekend.

In this particular sentence, "fruit" or "fruits" is the most likely interpretation because multiple results, without a definite article sounds a bit odd - not impossible, just unliley. If the sentence was An bhfuil na torthaí agat? then "Do you have the results?" might be a more natural interpretation than "Do you have the fruit?", though both would be correct.


I learned at school that fruit has no plural like fish.


I have this vague memory of torthaí meaning results...

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