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"De hond en de kat slapen samen in een mandje."

Translation:The dog and the cat are sleeping together in a basket.

September 9, 2014



You don't necessarily have to say 'de' twice in my opinion. In Dutch you could also just say: De hond en kat slapen samen in een mandje. As an answer I gave: The dog and cat (so without a second 'the') ...... etc. I would say that would be correct as well.


Zie de foto van een hondje en een katje in een mandje! *------*/


Does anyone know a Dutch or Dutch-English dictionary that handles diminuitives? The ones I've tried so far either remove the diminutive suffix or simply fail to recognize a dimnuitive Dutch word. I'm primarily interested in getting the spelling right, since it seems that simply suffixing '-je' isn't always the correct way to form a diminutive in Dutch.


en.wiktionary.com . Each Dutch entry has meta information attached to it including the diminutive form (where appropriate, that is).


Can you translate "mandje" as "little basket? " if not why not?


Yes you can.

"een mand" : a basket .

"een kleine mand" : a little basket.

"een mandje" : a little basket.


Comes to something when it is easier to write the language you are learning than your native language. This 'English' sentence is a very clumsy.

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