"The district is interesting."

Translation:Het district is interessant.

September 9, 2014



can't you say "gebied" for "district"?

January 3, 2015


Why is "boeiend" not correct? (It's in the hints and I already heard Dutch people use it that way.)

September 9, 2014


It should be accepted, I hope you reported it.

September 9, 2014


Not now, I was not so sure about it. Now I'm afraid I have to wait till I come across it again. :-/

September 10, 2014


I think "boeiend" is more like "thrilling" or "fascinating". It's a stronger word than "interessant".

September 15, 2014


I've noticed that a lot of the words about generic buildings and areas are het-words. Is it a good "if in doubt ..." rule to use in such cases?

June 15, 2015


Why in the previous exercise district was also district in Dutch and now it says wijk? It's the same sentence!

November 13, 2017


Depends on the article you use:

  • Het district
  • De wijk

The algorithm checks left to right, hence if the article matches another accepted word, it will inform you about that word. Rather than telling you you should have used another article.

November 13, 2017
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