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"Hun tager den lille fisk op af vandet."

Translation:She is taking the little fish up from the water.

September 9, 2014



What does this sentence mean? I think I get the gist of it, but I feel it hasn't been translated quite correctly; it just doesn't sound right to me.

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she is taking the little fish up out of the water


I think you would just say "She is taking the little fish from the water" or "She is taking the little fish out of the water". Having up in there just makes the whole thing sound clumsy to me.


"... out of the water" is not an accepted translation


I think pick up would make more sense than take up but I'm not sure that's exactly what they mean. It was counted as wrong. I reported it.


Does she sometimes take the little fish down from the water too ?

I am not an english speaker but the sentence sounds strange

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