How about following a single question/exercise that consists of a question, with possible answers?

September 3, 2012


My question isn't a question, but a suggestion or request. Since the 'question/exercises' sometimes are questions (Donde vas a dormir?), I suggest doing both of the following: make the answers to THAT question be the answers or make subsequent exercises be providing answers. Sorry for putting this in the wrong spot. I'm trying to find out how to communicate with the authors.

I agree! More questions (maybe later in the lessons) that require learners to build sentences in response to a question instead of just transcribe, multi-select, or translate. Also, to reiterate from another of my posts it would be super helpful to tip the scales in the reverse direction during the lessons (translate from native to learning language), since we get so much practice translating from our learning language to our native language in the "real world translation" section.

can you please clarify this question? It doesn't make any sense what you are asking.

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