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Typing notes on Duolingo

How do you type notes on Duolingo? e.g To let you know what the lesson was last time you practiced or just to help you with things i may find difficult to grasp or understand?

September 10, 2014



You can't with the default duo. There IS an extension for chrome though called duolingo notes if that's the browser you're using. It was written by one of the clever and generous users on the site to fill that void. It allows you, after completing a question/sentence in one of the lessons, to right click the page and save that sentence(edit: correction below).

Here's the direct link to the app on the chrome store.

Duolingo Notes Chrome Extension

And here's what it looks like.

Oh, and I forgot... instead of right clicking the page during a lesson to save a sentence, all you have to do to add a note is press alt + a

After the lesson you can click the little icon up on the browser for the extension and it drops down that thingamabob there and you can add your notes or search your notes and even export the notes to do whatever madcap analysis that you want.

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^^ go there to thank the awesomeness that is jake.lin or for any questions you may have.



That would be an interesting feature, but I don't think it exists yet.


You don't. A notes feature would be wonderful and I've seen it implemented before in online learning programs. Udemy comes to mind, where you can insert a note with a time stamp while you are watching the training videos. They also have a Print your notes feature. For now, you'll have to do it the old fashioned way....use Word, Excel or pen and paper.


Thanks very much for all that info Hucklebeary!!! ... i will look into to it :o)


Wow!!! i have just added duolingo notes to my chrome browser ..... excellent. Thanks again Hucklebeary, you have been a great help :o)

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