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  5. "Biachlár na bialainne."

"Biachlár na bialainne."

Translation:The restaurant's menu.

September 10, 2014



Why is it "na" and not "an' if it's singular?


Because it's a feminine noun, and 'na' is the form of the article that goes with a feminine noun in the genitive singular.


Could restaurant menu be correct also?


No. "restaurant menu" would be biachlár bialainne. Here you have the singular definitive article (realized as na because bialann is a feminine noun. Able to tell because it doesn't eclipse), so you have to have "the" in the answer.


Go raibh maith agat!


But should 'THE restaurant menu' be accepted? In the sentence 'Cat na scoile' the correct answer would have been 'The school cat' and my answer 'the school's cat' was wrong. For me these sentences seem to be similar type.


Actually, "The Restaurant Menu" should be "an biachlár bialainne" (The menu of a restaurant)


hata + fear = hata fir

A hat of a man

hata + an fear = hata (de chuid) an fhir

A hat of the man

an hata + fear = an hata fir

The hat of a man

an hata + an fear = hata an fhir

The hat of the man


Thank you for explaning!


I had a multiple choice question, and duolingo refused my pick "biachlár na mbialann". Would it not be correct in order to say "the restaurants' menu"?


There are no options available to choose. (Reported May 2019) I can find no way past this - no option to 'Use keyboard", "Refresh" just brings me back to the beginning and the question then repeats at some stage. 'Skip' moves on to the next question but then this one comes up again later and still has no options. Any suggestions?


Given that this is a Sentence Discussion, and that the only people reading Sentence Discussions are other people who are trying to learn Irish, I can suggest that you post your question in the Troubleshooting forum, or take a screenshot that demonstrates the problem, and submit a bug report with the screenshot. Adding details like whether you're using the web interface or one of the various different mobile apps might help too.


It appears to be a known issue, as I found it being discussed in the Troubleshooting Forum, across many if not all languages. It may be that those of us using older computer software are having more issues. I appreciate your prompt and useful response, thank you.


The misuse of the apostrophe is very irritating.


What misuse? Biachlár na bialainne is the menu a of a specific restaurant, as the apostrophe in English indicates.

bialann is a feminine noun, and the singular definite article for feminine genitive nouns is na. The genitive plural is na mbialann.


Restaurant's = restaurant is Restaurants'= belonging to the restaurant.


I'm afraid your understanding of how the possessive apostrophe works needs some work.

The restaurant's menu - the menu of the restaurant (one restaurant)
The restaurants' menu - the menu of the restaurants (more than one restaurant).

Yes, you can also say "The restaurant's closed", but "closed" isn't a noun, so there is no confusion - that's not a possessive apostrophe, because a restaurant can't own a "closed".



It's not being misused. The Irish sentence Biachlár na bialainne refers to the menu of a single restaurant as does the given English translation of "The restaurant's menu".

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