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"Téann an madra chuig an gcat."

Translation:The dog goes towards the cat.

September 10, 2014



Why is cat eclipsed, I thought chuig+an is not one of the prepositions that require eclipsis?




Initial Mutations after chuig

•without an article: no lenition or eclipsis e.g. chuig cailín = to a girl

•with the singular-article: eclipsis (except d,t) e.g. chuig an gcailín = to the girl

■in Munster, d,t also eclipses

■in Connacht, t-prefix precedes femin. nouns with s-: chuig an tsúil

■in Ulster, always lenition e.g.: chuig an chailín


The reason this eclipsis case may come up as a surprise is that chuig + an was not listed in the Eclipsis tips and notes (and right under the table, it mentions Other prepositions used with an (for example, idir an between the) do not cause eclipsis).


Yes. Or should I say "Is ea!" (It is!) This caused some confusion for me, too. It is not listed with the prepositions causing eclipsis and nothing is mentioned in the tips about the use of prepositions, either. Have a lingot.


I saw somewhere that all preposition + article combinations cause eclipsis but I can't find it now. Is this right?


Not all of them, but most. And it does, in Connacht and Munster Irish. However, in Ulster Irish, it causes lenition instead.


Does each preposition pronoun set have their own rules for lenition and eclipses or is there a collective pattern?


Hard to hear "an gcat".... slow audio will be helpful...

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